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When All You See Is Darkness, You Are The Light

We are here to work out our karmas, gain experience and learn lessons for our souls. This is what I experience to be truth. We are One.

When we are ready, after millions of incarnations, we are put to the final test. We are surrounded by darkness only to show us that we are the light. Only to show us that there is nowhere to look outside of ourselves for what we seek.

To be the Light we must keep our hearts wide open no matter the happening or the pain.

It is an opportunity given to us by the Beloved to see our true nature and be it. We learn that suffering only comes from pain if we allow our hearts to close. Keep it open.

If this makes sense to you then you have been chosen for this. And you will lift so many people up with you if you can hold this path of light and love. If you can be The Way.

You are everything you seek and more.

If you can stare into the darkness and hold a heart full of love, then you have mastered this human experience. Good luck.

Wahee Guru Ji Ka Khasal, Wahee Guru Ji Ki Fateh – All the pure ones belong to God, All successes and victories belong to God.

The Way

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