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Fog and Nature

Our Journey's Home


Chris Kalbfleisch
Kundalini Teacher & Life Coach

“Who we think we are is a product of our own unique conditioning. To discover who we really are we must understand this conditioning, accept it, and find the courage to move past it. That is the road to Happy Destiny”

Chris received a Masters Degree in Statistics from Western University in 1994 and a CFA in 1997. He had a successful career in finance for two decades before having his "dark night of the soul" that lead to a "spiritual awakening" and new life's journey. Since then, he has committed his life to continuing that journey along a fulfilling path of Self-actualization, personal growth and being of service to others.


​He has achieved mastery level transformational life coaching through the Centre for Transformational Coaching. He is a KRI Certified Kundalini Instructor. Chris is currently completing a degree in Morphogenetic Science from the Biogenesis University.


Chris has used his diverse skillset, education and experience to help people along their own paths of self mastery

Jacqueline Wener
Kundalini Teacher & Registered Clinical Counsellor


Having walked many paths of awareness, Jacqueline is no stranger to the raw and most genuine aspects of the human spirit. A dialogue with her own body led her to complete a Masters in Five Element Acupuncture, after which, she practiced acupuncture with precision and intuition. It is with that same zeal for learning about the body, mind and and spirit, that lead her into a Corporate Coach-U certification, a Masters in Counselling and her certification as a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

Nikki Cyr
Marketing & Technical Support 

"I have overcome my deepest darkest days in order to learn how to self-heal and finally be given the gift to share my experience and hope with others." 

Nikki received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a Financial Analysis concentration from Mount Royal University. She worked in Oil & Gas Administration in Alberta and had been pursuing a career in investment banking when her own personal struggles lead to a drastic life change.


Nikki then moved to Vancouver area and decided to commit to work that had purpose, meaning and could help others. Giving someone hope when they don't know it is possible, is what makes it worth it for her.

Nikki works one-on-one with women in recovery, as a sponsor and mentor. She is currently completing her Transformational Life Coaching certificate, with the hopes to continue helping and being in service to others.

Our Journeys

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The Space

Located on Bowen Island, the sacred property is lush with nature and has a winding path leading over the creek and up to the yoga studio. The privacy and serenity gives guests the opportunity to disconnect with the outside and connect inside.

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