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Fog and Nature

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Meditation allows us to break patterns of behaviour and drop below the egoic self. Through this process we create space for the emergent Self. 

Future Self

Future SelfChris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 22:27


MetamorphosisChris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 17:31

You Are the One

You Are The One - Guided Meditation with Chris Kalbfleisch (10 minutes) Chris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 10:49

The Ancient One

The Ancient One - Guided MeditationChris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 22:46
Leaves Shadow

The Expanded Self

The Expanded Self - Guided Meditation with Chris Kalbfleisch (5 minutes)Chris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 05:25

 The Light

The LightChris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 05:55

Surrender to the Flow

16-minute Guided MeditationChris Kalbfleisch
00:00 / 16:17

Book Recommendations

From The Way Healing

We wanted to share a few of our favourite pieces of literature for spiritual growth, healing & more. 

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