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Vibrate the Cosmos

“Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear a path” – Yogi Bhajan

This is the last of the five Yogic Sutras of Kundalini Yoga given to us by Yogi Bhajan. A sutra is a ‘knot’. It is a complex spiritual concept reduced to one sentence and later expanded upon by a spiritual teacher or an internal awakening to the true meaning. I am writing from the perspective of the later as this sutra has ‘untied’ itself within my own experience.

As way of basic background, the Universe is simply vibrating energy. Everything in the Universe has a vibrational frequency. This was understood by ancient civilizations and is supported by the current scientific view (quantum physics). The trees, the mountains, water, a chair a desk and everything else including us has a vibration.

I have a vibration and how I experience the Universe is from the perspective of my own vibration. The universe acts as a receiver and a transmitter to my vibration. What I put out will impact what I get back. When I look around me now, what is showing up in my life is a result of my past vibrations. This is karma, cause and effect or reap what you sow, etc. This idea shows up in every spiritual system. The way to change the outside is by changing the inside. That is how the game works.

This sutra provides the spiritual key to effecting real change in our circumstances. That is, we need to change our vibration because like attracts like. Our emotions regulate our vibrations as our emotions dictate our actions, words and, most importantly, our thought waves. Using the numbers for context only these are emotional frequencies:

The 5th sutra arrived in my awareness almost three years ago to the day. I was going through an extremely dark period in my life, and I was caught in a mental cycle of fear, apathy, guilt, and shame. My outer life was increasingly reflecting that internal condition right back at me and it was collapsing. It got worse by the day, until I hit my deep and hard bottom. In that bottom I had lost everything that was important to me as my vibrational energy had pushed away almost everyone that I loved. I ended up in centre surrounded by bewildered people who were going through similar experiences. The Universe brought us all together. That’s how the game works as like attracts like.

By Grace, because it is the only explanation as I was not spiritually oriented at the time, I came to understand that my only way forward was to change from the inside and raise my vibration. It was to transform to the frequency of love and learn to keep my heart wide open no matter what the circumstances. I have walked through a powerful storm these past few years but have managed to keep my heart from closing, even in the worst situations. Today, almost three years later, I look around me and I am surrounded by love, joy, reason, and acceptance. I have arrived here by refusing to fight anyone or try and control anything. Instead, I try only to love and forgive. It is a simple concept, but it takes commitment and discipline to follow the path. But it works. The promises come true.

In Love, Forgiveness and Service

The Way

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