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Changing Our Reality

There is nothing objective about our reality. This statement maybe metaphysical in its origins but is also based on our most current understanding of the nature of reality via Quantum Physics. However, what I find even more fascinating, is that as our “modern scientific knowledge” expands, we converge more towards millennium old “Vedic scientific knowledge” than away from it. Knowledge that was obtained by seeking answers from within and knowing that what is outside of us is an illusion.

Our reality is formed from our consciousness - not the other way around. Matter is 99.99% empty space and the form it takes is based on the identification and meaning we give it. Read the Heisenberg uncertain principle and Young’s double slit experiment if you need a peer review.

Our reality is simply a cocktail of our beliefs, labels, narratives, stories, and limited experiences. Hence, why no two people share the same reality and why groups of people often look at the exact same information and arrive at opposing conclusions. It is all just empty space that we have labeled.

All reality is subjective, and this the cosmic dance we have bought a ticket for. To change our reality, we only need to change our thoughts.

But our minds are very powerful.

I have found that the path of least resistance to changing my thinking is to use my imagination to shift my perspective and allow my thoughts to flow within a new set of parameters. For an exercise try taking:

The perspective I am the cause of all the problems in my relationships.

The perspective that I am completely wrong on the issue I have a strong belief in.

The perspective that my body is just a sensory system of the soul.

The perspective that all of nature, including me, is just One consciousness.

When I create reality from these different perspectives, I free my mind and allow new realities to emerge and veils of illusion to dissolve.

There is no spoon – The Matrix

In Love, Forgiveness and Service to Others,

The Way

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