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“He healed the ONE who arrested him

Served the ONE who betrayed him

And loved the WORLD who crucified him”

I’m not religious, and I have no belief surrounding who Jesus was or was not. But what he IS to me is perhaps the greatest meta-physicist that ever lived. So many of his teachings represent a metaphor of self-actualization. The story of WHO Jesus chose to be during the crucifixion was the map I needed to understand and navigate my own dark night of the soul.

How could he possibly heal, serve, and even love the very people that were torturing and killing him until his last breath. Because he understood what I have come to understand. We are all ONE and what we do onto others we do onto ourselves. Every attack is a cry for love and every act of forgiveness and love in the face of that dissolves the illusion of separateness in our mind.

“The mind makes it real” – Morpheus

Enforce your boundaries impeccably but chose to always act from a place of love.

You will quickly discover you are what you seek.

There is no-thing outside of you.

We are ONE

The Way

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