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You Are Love

Ram Dass’ Message on Love: 

“Instead of worrying, am I getting enough love? Do you love me? Do I love you? How much do you love me? Are you sure you love me? Will you love me later? I don’t feel loved, how come? There is one other level of the game and that is - to keep quieting down until you enter the space in the universe where YOU ARE LOVE. And out of that comes abundance, not deprivation. Instead of going around like a dry sponge trying to be moistened by the outside world, you go around just watering everything you see. 

And you can practice - you can look at somebody in the supermarket and look at them with love. Just look at them and realize you and they are in the stew together and look at how they’re dealing with it, look at what they’ve gone through. Look at the lines in their face, look at it all. Appreciate it. Appreciate us. Enter into the space of love with other human beings. Not, “I love you”, not possessive, not collecting.

I went from years of nobody loves me, do you love me enough, how much will you love me and then as a result of all the spiritual practices, I started to realize that I loved people without needing them to love me back. I started to love people but I had the model that I needed love so bad that when I felt this feeling towards somebody, I wanted to collect them. 

So I lived in communes. Because one isn’t enough, you’re looking at somebody else you love. Then I realized I couldn’t live with all my lovers. So I got to the point where I’d meet one and I’d fall into this place of love and I’d say let’s have coffee and then I’d take their phone number, just in case later all the lovers I had already collected, should leave. And then I realized I was still working on a deprivation model. 

Why should I assume that I’m going to run out of lovers? Since the next person I meet is another one. Its all just God in drag. And so I started to be able to go down the street and look at somebody and be so in love with them, I couldn’t bear it. And not even wink, not even say hi or are you feeling what I’m feeling?"


With Love,

The Way

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