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Selfless Service

“Whether it’s atoms or nature, the first thing to be said is this: I am a part of a world controlled by nature. Secondly: that I have relationship with other, similar parts. And with that in mind I have no right, as a part, to complain about what is assigned to me by the whole. Because what benefits the whole can’t harm the parts, and the whole does nothing that doesn’t benefit it. That’s a trait shared by all natures, but the nature of the world is defined by a second characteristic as well: no outside force can compel it to cause itself harm.So by keeping in mind the whole I form a part of, I’ll accept whatever happens. And because of my relationship to other parts, I will do nothing selfish, but aim to join them, to direct my every action toward what benefits us all and to avoid what doesn’t. If I do all that, then my life should go smoothly. As you might expect a citizen’s life to go – one whose actions serve his fellow citizens” – Marcus Aurelius

I have learned that whenever I find myself in a place of being “stuck” in life, regardless of how challenging, painful, difficult, or baffling it is, if I put myself into selfless service, I become unstuck. Not only do I become unstuck, but I find a new freedom in a way that was beyond my imagination. It doesn’t even matter what I am in service of, as long as it is for the common good and not for myself.

Because when I work in the service of others, I am working in service of myself. By working to heal the wounds of others, I am healing my own wounds. When I am forgiving others, I am forgiving myself. And when my love is unconditional for you…….

Because we are all part of the Whole. We are all One.

With Love,

The Way

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