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Our Doubts Are Traitors

Over the last week a few common themes kept emerging; how our fears control us, pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones and why we do the ‘hard’ things in life. And it’s funny how the Universe sends us reminders. It wasn’t until I was reflecting that I realized I had been consumed with more fear and self-doubt than I’d like to admit. I hadn’t ‘noticed’ it originally because, if I’m being honest, it’s a state I am all too familiar with. Most of my life experiences and choices had been dictated by an underlying current of fear and self-doubt. 

Starting my recovery journey, I built walls around me. I tried to remain in similar, predictable settings, to keep myself safe. My logical mind told me I was doing the right thing, to ensure I was not going to jeopardize my ‘new life’. But there was a moment when it hit me, if I could overcome my own demons, fears and self-doubt in order to create this new life in recovery, what else am I capable of? 

This catapulted me into this new plane of existence - new thoughts and possibilities flooded my mind. My fear slipped away. I now had concrete evidence in the power of my own self-belief and a new found faith to back it up.

Fast forward 4 years and my life is full of new experiences, challenges and growth. But at the same time, those same old limiting beliefs of self-doubt and fear begin creeping in from time to time. I am realizing these moments of fear and self-doubt shine light onto the dark areas where I can still grow. 

Sometimes we need to pause in our fears and self-doubt and look back to witness all that we have already overcome in our lives to truly understand how false our limiting beliefs are. Experiencing fear can be welcomed as we step into the unknown, into the ‘new’, into the ever changing growth in our lives. Because from my experience, we are capable of so much more than we could have ever imagined. Nothing is out of reach.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” - William Shakespeare 

With Love,

The Way

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