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"Union" - New Offering

The Way and A Gathering Place would like to invite you to our new special class

offering, beginning this Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm. This class will be led

weekly by both Chris and Jacqueline, two experienced teachers with different but

complementary teaching styles. 

Here’s what they have to say about this new offering.

“It is said that the meaning of yoga is to join in union. Between us exists a beautiful

synergy of the masculine and feminine energies. As we teach together, we merge

and harmonize these energies in the body and mind, by stepping into our truest

expression of them within ourselves.”

Join us at 6 pm Tuesday evenings, as we explore what this new teaching style looks

and feels like.

Each class will be a unique mix of practices to create flow in the body, peace in the

mind and raise our conscious awareness.  

When we share practice with others we grow and blossom mentally, emotionally

and spirituality. Each class provides an opportunity to connect more deeply with the

Divine within us and live more fully from a place of unconditional love.

More about our teachers….

Jacqueline has spent 20 years acquiring a multitude of skills including a Masters in

Chinese Medicine, Professional Coaching certification, a Masters in Clinical

Counselling and her certification as a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Jacqueline has walked many paths of awareness and is no stranger to the raw and

most genuine aspects of the human spirit. However, it was when she discovered

Kundalini yoga, that she awoke to a new understanding of the body-mind-heart

axis and our inherent capacity to heal through movement, breath, mantra and


Chris is a Transformational Life Coach, a Certified Kundalini Instructor and has an

MSc in science. Through Chris’ profound life and dark night of the soul experiences

he has learned to tap into his virtually unlimited creative energetic potential and

ignited his yearning to live life to the fullest. Kundalini yoga became an integral

practice of his path. He views  Kundalini yoga as a technology to transcend the

thinking mind, materially dissolve the ego structure and open the practitioner to a

much wider spectrum of information and knowledge.

Chris’ life purpose is to continue to raise his conscious awareness and to be a guide

to others that find themselves on this path.  He yearns for a community of fellow

travellers on this journey where we can take turns showing each other The Way.

With Love,

Chris, Jacqueline & Nikki

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