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Know Thy Self - Recovery Retreat

We wanted to share a glimpse into our ‘Know Thy Self’ recovery retreat we hosted last weekend.

At The Way we know that if we're in recovery it is because we have unique conditioning and our programming stopped serving us. We begin the process of unwinding and breaking down our old patterns of behaviours. This process allows us to let go of our old identity and make room for our authentic self.

The purpose of the retreat was to introduce the tools and practices that allow us to discover our true selves. We went within using meditation, moved our body with kundalini yoga and shaking, soaked in a sound bath meditation, participated in self-reflection and journaling, shared and connected with the group and ofcourse had some fun along the way too.

We were so blessed to have Joel Myers join us and perform a beautiful sound bath meditation for us.

Thank you all for being apart of the experience - we feel very grateful sharing and connecting with our community.

With Love,

The Way

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