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Holding You in My Heart

“The final place one gets to is that one has a dial that is completely flexible and you can bring in all levels at all times and you see how it is at every level all the time. Because what in fact is going on is you are living at a certain vibrational rate, and that’s what makes it all seem real to you. And you change that vibrational rate just a tiny bit and all of this is gone and something else is here.” – Ram Dass Do you ever wonder how much things have shifted during your healing journey? For me, this opportunity to assess comes up naturally when I am back in my hometown visiting family and friends. The ultimate measure of internal healing occurs when I am immersed in those “old” situations that constructed the foundations of my unconscious egoic-self. When I am home, past resentments and triggers can creep back into my life and it is a reminder that we never “arrive” and that we are on a continuous journey. As I am currently sitting in my hometown, I am reflecting on the past holidays I’ve spent in this exact spot. I would be physically present, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually vacant. The fact that I was surrounded with a loving family and was unable to feel love, would cause immeasurable guilt and shame. I would think, “What is wrong with me?” “How could I be staring into the innocent and pure eyes of my nieces or nephew, and feel discontent?” Those emotions still feel unbearable today. Just as Ram Dass says, “What in fact is going on is you are living at a certain vibrational rate, and that’s what makes it all seem real to you”. It was VERY real to me at the time. Now, my experience being home has almost completely shifted. Although I still have to navigate my triggers and reactions, I have started to learn how to handle them with Grace. Ram Dass explains that act by act, we can re-create our entire universe. We can turn any part of our lives into a sacrifice or offering, even our feelings. As we encounter similar people, places and things during the holidays, we are given the Divine opportunity to shift our vantage point and by doing so, we shift our reality. If we are faced with a difficult person, we can turn it into a lesson and make them our practice. As Maharaj-Ji (Ram Dass’ Guru) says, “Whatever else you do with another human being, never put them out of your heart.” This is the reminder we could all use while we enter the holidays…We Are All One. We can create our new reality through flexibility, intention, love and our internal vibration.

Love wins, always. Please reach out if you are struggling through the holidays.

With Love,

The Way

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