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Feel Your Marvel

With your feet on the ground,

your thoughts soar

into untold possibilities.

Planted firmly in the present moment,

you explore the farthest reaches of time,

only to return to the breath.

You are a marvel, and a paradox:

rooted in presence, you imagine histories

and dream of fantastical or frightening tomorrows.

Your breath rises and falls;

the rising and the falling as One.

Know how precious you are,

feel your tremendous worth,


and take the next step.

Know yourself now,

and move courageously

into the Unknown.

- Jeff Foster

A beautiful reminder that we are exactly where we are meant to be. That our lives will inevitably encounter pain, grief, joy, happiness and so much more. The polarity of each emotional state promises a new experience on the horizon. But the piece we must not run away from, is the unknown. Our fear pushes us away from it but if we move against the resistance we will soon find adventure in the unknown and mystery of tomorrow.

As Jeff Foster says, “Know how precious you are, feel your tremendous worth”...a reminder each of us deserves to hear, see and believe. Pause and breathe...can you feel your marvel?

With Love, Forgiveness and Service,

The Way

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