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Behold the Glory of the Self

“Hidden in the heart of every creature

Exists the Self, subtler than the subtlest,

Greater than the greatest. They go beyond

All sorrow who extinguish their self-will

And behold the glory of the Self

Through the grace of the Lord of Love.” - The Upanishads

The Upanishads is a book of spiritual teachings. “The aim of all Upanishads is to investigate the ground of all Being, postulating an undying essence, Atman (self), beyond the ever-changing appearances of physical reality, and "directing the enquirer toward it." It reveals the innate ability each person has to tap into the inner knowledge of the “Self” or soul.

As I read the Upanishads I noticed the direct correlation to many of the literary pieces of AA. The idea that self-knowledge will not and cannot bring the answer, we must turn inward and connect with a power greater than ourselves to truly find peace, freedom and serenity. This connection is not a coincidence, it is the overarching principle from many spiritual teachings and practices. If we allow our self-will to run our lives, we block our connection to our inner essence and soul. So, if everyone has the innate ability and resource to tap into, why don’t we access it?

Is it because we are not aware of the alternate path? Is it because we live in a society that is run on self-will and selfish motives? Is it to protect one’s ego? Is it the fear of the unknown? The answers could be endless but ask yourself the question: Have I been running my life on my own personal desires, direction and will? Or do I remain open to the signs and knowledge of my inner “Self” or Universe? Asking these questions, allows space and time to pause in situations where we may be unsure. Once aligned with our true “Self”, the pondering questions become less anxiety and fear riddled, and transform to faith and courage. That is the true test of our connection to our inner essence.

“Eternal peace is theirs who see the Self in their own hearts. To none else does it come!” - Upanishads

With Love,

The Way

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