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Becoming The Magician

During my unique journey over the past five years, I have come to believe in the power we have to self-heal our emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds. I have written and spoken on the topic of personal alchemy at length. I work with individuals and groups to help them break free of their societal and family based mental conditioning using top down and somatic approaches. We CAN and we DO recover from mental illness and limiting beliefs through our own power, but what about our physical wounds? I am coming to believe that our power is equally as potent there.


“The latest research supports the notion that we have a natural ability to change the brain and body by thought alone, so that it looks biologically like some future event has already happened. Because you can make thought more real than anything else, you can change who you are from brain cell to gene, given the right understanding.”― Joe Dispenza


Joe Dispenza believes we have the power to heal virtually anything with the power of thought. If you are skeptical like I was, then I recommend watching his movie “Heal”. I watched “Heal” and it gave me the willingness to change my approach on how I heal and keep my physical body healthy. Dispenza is the man with the theory and the science behind this. Today I feel called to share two of my experiences.


The first was in October 2021 when I injured my neck and shoulder. The pain was a 9 out of 10 and I could barely move off the couch without triggering shock waves of discomfort. It was the height of COVID pandemic, so I was grateful to get an MRI (private), but the surgery I needed had a wait time of a couple years. The next best short-term solution was an injection into the neck area, but the waiting list was over 10 months long. I was completely immobilized by the pain, so the gift of desperation showed up once again in my life and called on me to access my higher power and channel my inner Joe Dispenza. Like Joe suggested in the movie Heal, I looked at pictures of a healthy shoulder on the internet and then meditated on this concept every day. I would mentally send white healing light to the shoulder area and manifest healing. This may sound far-fetched but with consistent practice two months later I had no shoulder pain and when they finally called me for an injection 10 months later, I had forgotten I had ever had an issue. It is now fully healed.


I was impressed but not convinced based on my personal sample of one. I have a science background and where it was concerned with the “physical body, I was still clinging to my old ways of thinking. Fate, it would seem, is not without a sense of irony. I have suffered from cluster headaches since I was 25 years old. They are like migraines but multiple times more painful and show up randomly for 6–8-week periods and then disappear. When they came, I had taken pills, steroids, nasal sprays and used various coping mechanisms to help deal with the pain. These medications only helped to take the edge off the pain and generally came with horrible side effects that include fatigue, depression, and mental numbness. I had not had a recurrence since 2019 and thought they might be gone for good. Afterall, I had made a few life changes since then: alcohol and drug free, vegetarian, no pharmaceutical products, and tons of meditation.


In January they showed up again and I made a choice to finally let go of my old ways of thinking. Instead of taking medication to numb the pain or dropping into self-pity, I leaned into the pain and allowed myself to experience it without resistance. I focused on sending white healing light to the area and thanked God for the opportunity to heal myself. Within one week the pain had diminished by 50% and within two weeks the pain was completely gone. Never in my life have they lasted less than six weeks. I have now come to believe we can self-heal our physical bodies too.  I have come to believe in magic, can you? 

“If you can experience healing over and over again in the inner world of thoughts and feelings, then in time, that healing should finally manifest as an outer experience. And if you make a thought as real as the experience in the external environment, shouldn’t there be evidence in your body and brain sooner or later? In other words, if you mentally rehearse that unknown future with a clear intention and an elevated emotion, and do it repeatedly, then based on what you’ve learned, you should have real neuroplastic changes in your brain and epigenetic changes in your body.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza


The Way

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