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And I Am Missing You

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

“Unconditional Love Comes Out of a Broken Heart. That Has Been Healed” – Khoa Nhut Nguyen The last four years have been an archetype soul journey for me. I started from a place of having everything I thought I ever wanted in life and then quickly, and seemingly without reason, I travelled to the absolute darkest depths of pain and suffering, for myself and everyone who loved me. I lost myself and lost the world I knew, as I plunged into the depths of the unknown where I faced tests and ordeals that would take me to my absolute limits. But I learned the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fires and the Universe gives us what we need, and it gives us what it knows we can endure. The Universe is truly benevolent but it’s tough love. Today, I am on the most inexplicable journey of awakening and transformation that I could never imagine. Today I am grateful.

So many wonderful people from my past are no longer with me on the journey and, at first, it was hard to let go, but I now understand that this is just how the story goes. Pages turn, chapters change, and characters come and go. Transformation is losing yourself to find yourself and it is a lonely path. Who you find is never who you thought you were. It is also learning to let go and to let come and trusting in what happens.

But there are few central characters that got left in the middle chapters of my story that need to come back. A Course in Miracles would call these “special relationships”. The story will not stop being written until their return, and there is no end, and there is no conclusion of this story without them. You see, this is always the hardest part of this type of journey. It is the return to the known world after having faced the tests and ordeals and finding the “treasure” that was inside of us all along.

I am in the chapter titled "And I’m Missing You”. It is a chapter about a man that learns the true meaning of unconditional love by being separated from that which he loves the most. It is about the lengths he will go to and things he will do to keep his heart wide open and to make his love felt across the cosmos. It is about learning the meaning of true love through absence, but most importantly it is learning that it is loving and not being loved that truly matters. It is learning that love is not bound by time and space and it is eternal. It is all that matters. And I am missing you. The Way

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Tim Logie
Tim Logie

brought me to tears. thanks for being so vulnerable and authentic Chris. :)

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