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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Hope is powerful, but hopelessness is even more powerful. I look back to the times where I could not even fathom the weight of the hopelessness that I felt. And then I think of those times in stark contrast to the blessings I still had - a home to live in, a family to love, an education, friends, my health and so on. I had all of those gifts, but I still could not release the grip that hopelessness had on me.

My solution came in the form of community. Community with others that had experienced similar feelings of hopelessness and overcame them. Looking into their eyes, and seeing the light and hope, gave me just a sliver of hope for myself. They showed me possibility when I believed there was none.

After experiencing this healing power, I sat back and wondered why we as a society don’t do more to help our sisters and brothers around us. We can all agree that we have endured some type of pain and suffering, so why do we shut the door on others? We were created to be ‘a part of’, in community with love and acceptance. Is your separation our pain?

Many people do not have the blessings I have and we unfortunately label them as too hopeless to help. I am writing this to [INSPIRE] all of us to stop and think - Am I helping my fellow brothers and sisters? Am I treating those in pain with judgment or compassion? Am I being the person I want to be?

We have the power and the opportunity to spread hope to others. This is the greatest gift of all. Maybe this is the primary reason we are all here?

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