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Our Creative Potential

“No matter what tools you use to create, the true instrument is you. And through you, the universe that surrounds us all comes into focus.” - Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin is a creative genius and music producer. His philosophy of unleashing our inner creative potential is explored in his book “The Creative Act: A Way of Being”. I will delve into a few of his concepts and ideas.

Creativity can apply to all areas of our life, even our thinking and decision making. It could be the ability to see new opportunities or perspectives. Rick Rubin explains that “in the abundant mindset, the river never runs dry. Ideas are always coming through. And an artist is free to release them with the faith that more will arrive. With the objective of simply doing great work, a ripple effect occurs. A bar is set for everything you do, which may not only lift your work to new heights, but raises the vibration of your entire life. It may even inspire others to do their best work. Greatness begets greatness. It’s infectious.”

Creativity and Detachment

“If we can tune in to the idea of making things and sharing them without being attached to the outcome, the work is more likely to arrive in its truest form.” - Rick Rubin

Detachment plays an interesting part in creativity and life in general. Think of all the times that events in your life go differently than we had hoped or expected. Heartbreak. Disappointment. Failure. And so on. Our natural response of attaching to expectations blocks us from the ability to detach and say “Well this is different than I expected, I wonder which path this is taking me on.” The process of detaching and remaining open, allows new paths to emerge. This is the natural cycle of life, and everyone has the ability to tap into these endless roads in life, or to remain closed off by attaching to the expectations of what we think it 'should' be.

Wanting the present moment to be different than it is a type of insanity.

I spent most of my life seeing things through a narrow mind of black and white thinking. I was unable to open my mind to the boundless pathways that were there all along.

Tapping Within

How do we know when we are connected to our inner creativity? Is it the feeling we get when we are totally transfixed on an activity and the whole external world slips away? When we are listening to music and feel an intense pull of emotions or energy? Our experiences are all different, but we have the ability to listen to those physical, mental and emotional signals. They are signs from our true Self, to keep us on the path of creativity, authenticity, joy and awe.

If we continue to explore, be curious, open and detached we begin to see our true Self emerge. All the beauty of our true path appears. Our faith grows. Our authenticity becomes effortless. Our creativity flows like an endless, winding river of life and possibilities. Our truest nature. Our innate state of being. There is no “you” vs “me”. There is only “me”. We are all gifted with our own unique abilities and creativity. We just need to learn how to tap into it.

“If you are open and stay tuned to what’s happening, the answers will be revealed.” - Rick Rubin

With Love,

The Way

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