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Narrow is The Way

My last blog post, “The Narrow Gate”, provoked several questions, comments and queries from clients, friends, and peers. In particular, there was inquiry around why I chose a Bible passage as the foundational support for the main theme. I relate to the Bible (and many other scriptures) as metaphysical maps of human consciousness. A guidebook on how to transcend the terrain of our own existence into higher states of consciousness. From darkness to light. The passage I chose in my last blog is presented as the words of Jesus. Jesus, in this context, is amongst the greatest metaphysical teachers who ever lived. His instructions on the path to salvation are so simple, yet so profound he expressed them again here:

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is The Way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” – Matthew VII

“There is only one way under the sun by which man can attain harmony, that is to say health, prosperity, peace of mind – salvation, in the true sense of the word-and that is by bringing about a radical and permanent change for the better in his own consciousness. This is the one and only way; there is no other. For countless generations humanity has been trying in every other conceivable way to compass its own good about happiness by making changes of some sort in man’s external conditions while leaving the quality of his mentality untouched; and always the result has been the same - failure. We are now in a position to see why this must be so, that it is because the very nature of our being is such that it is only by a change in consciousness that outer conditions can really be altered. This change in consciousness is the ‘straight gate’ that Jesus speaks of here, and, as he says, the number of those who find it is comparatively small” – Emmet Fox

Interestingly, this is the primary message of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the transformative prescription of all 12-step programs. That is, a requirement of rigorous honesty to take on a process of spiritual awakening and ultimately a life lived by a code of spiritual principles with purpose found through selfless service to others. They are 12-steps to an objective of unconditional love – enlightenment - salvation.

Many alcoholics will refer to themselves as “grateful alcoholics” and they are sincere. Through powerlessness and unmanageability, they were forced to surrender and accept that their life of trying to control their external environment to achieve happiness had failed. They were open to a new design for living and took THE NARROW WAY.

The Way is available to everyone and ultimately, in this life or another, they will find it. But if you want it now then find a guide and take the journey.

We are with you.

The Way

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