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Kundalini & Creative Transformation

In this episode of Creative Status, I had a deep conversation about the process of TRANSFORMATION with kundalini yoga teacher and life coach Chris Kalbfleisch.

If you don't know, Kundalini is the most ancient form of yoga and is a technology for merging your nature with the transcendent/divinity so you can reclaim your natural connection to WHOLENESS. This place of wholeness is where creativity takes place and comes from and so this is a ridiculously powerful approach to transforming your life.

The way that the Kundalini energy is often described is as a coiled serpent resting dormant at the bottom of your spine. When you awaken this serpent it goes from your root chakra (connected to the earth) and the bottom of your spine and shoots up to your crown (connected to divinity).

We cover loads of ground in this conversation but here's some themes:

-Kundalini itself and what it is

-The journey from fragmentation to wholeness

-How the ego gets in the way of our growth and how we can better manage it

-The different paths to awakening the kundalini and how we can navigate it

-Abundance verus scarcity and how it feeds into this 'stuff'

This is a really powerful conversation for anybody who is interested in transformation and some of the practical and time-tested ways to change your life.

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