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It is ALWAYS Darkest Before the Dawn

It’s ALWAYS darkest before the dawn. Cosmically, Collectively, and Individually.

“We NEED to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves” - JC

At The Way, we acknowledge that we have been in a period of near continuous collective and individual challenges and pain. But circumstances don’t matter, it is how you relate to them that is important.

So, what do we do with that pain? Do we allow it to take over and submit to it? Or is there another option?

It is our belief that although pain and-or challenges don’t always “feel” good, they are necessities in our life. We were designed by our Creator to experience pain on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. These periods of pain provide us the opportunities in our lives to evolve and grow. They aren’t happening TO us they are happening FOR us.

As we bring in the New Year, we have been gifted a Divine opportunity to transform our intense pain and come together as a community in a profound and beautiful Way. This has been called the Great Awakening and it has arrived. Make no mistake we are at the threshold of something incredible. I know many of you can already feel it.

We are about to collectively let go of the darkness of fear, guilt shame and despair to let in light and the vibration of love. Happiness is our birthright and 2022 is the year we claim it. 2022 is the year we collectively turn to love.

This is The Way

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