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I Had Forgotten

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I had forgotten…

I had forgotten why I was here. I am here to experience myself as pure love. Life is meant to be so simple.

When I was born, I was helpless. I developed an ego structure and behaviors to survive to adulthood.

At some point I began to believe that the ego structure was me, and when I came of age, I forgot to let it go. A snake that forgets to shed his skin.

My Soul began to emerge to remind me who I was. At first just ripples on the water but soon a storm.

Then there came a time when I lost everything, including my mind. Once I lost my mind, I was left with nothing but my soul – this is when I remembered who I was.

The Dark Night of the Soul Journey - Light to darkness and darkness to Light

You are Me, I am You, there is no They.

We are One and Love is all there is.

Blessings, Chris

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