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“When you finally learn that a person’s behaviour has more to do with their own internal struggle than you, you learn grace.” -Allison Aars

It took me most of my life to understand this, but now that I do, I see the entire world through a different lens.

Everyone has their own story, their own trauma and their own pain that represents the veil through which they see the world.

Every attack is a cry for love and has little to do with me. My old self-centered persona always wanted to make it about me, so I could attack back in my own cry for love – a vicious circle.

Instead of attacking back or defending, I now try to meet the cry for love with love.

I try to imagine the pain a person must be going through that could cause them to be acting in a certain way. The trauma they must have experienced, the loneliness they must feel and the limiting beliefs they must have about themselves that are leading to this place of fear.

Then I remember that God made me unlimited in my capacity to love and I choose love over fear and forgiveness over attack.

And when I love and forgive others unconditionally, I remember that which is the most important.

I remember that we are all ONE and that all my suffering comes from the fallacy that I am separate.

That to me is Grace.


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