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Dancing Out of The Fire

The human experience is a duality that creates suffering until the duality is resolved. The ego wants identification, uniqueness, specialness, and superiority. The ego works to be separate at all costs.

The Soul wants only to experience Oneness with everything. The Soul works to dissolve separateness.

The further the ego pulls away from the Soul, the greater the suffering. The longer we embrace duality, the more successful we are at being special and the greater our suffering.

Our current social and societal construct promotes uniqueness and specialness, and it is nothing more than a recipe book for misery.

May you have pride so you can fall. May you be a fool so you can become a master. The Dark Night of the Soul is the surrender of the ego to the Soul and the acceptance of the insanity that the ego has brought onto us.

As the suffering starts to be relieved, life becomes a dance out of the fire. Once the soul emerges, one understands that they are not their thoughts, they are not their beliefs or their story. Those are all things that kept them separate from what they are and what they truly seek; happiness.

You are what you seek, and we are all here to find our Selves. The sooner we fall in love with being no-body and no-thing, the sooner our suffering is relieved and we move past this human experience.

With Love,

The Way

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