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'From Ego to Self' - Recovery Retreat

The Way was fortunate enough to host another recovery retreat this past weekend and we wanted to share a glimpse of the experience and thank all of those who attended.

Our theme “From Ego to Self” gave us the opportunity to explore our own unconscious programming and practice awareness around the parts of that conditioning which is no longer serving us. We explored tools and practices that can be used to “dissolve” one’s ego and ultimately tap into their higher Self.

We all shared in the experience of: kundalini yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound bath meditation, silent meditative nature walk and a facilitated self-reflective group exercise.

All of the tools and practices the group explored are powerful additions to any program of recovery, which is why we are so passionate about it at The Way.

An intention with our retreats is to build community with one another because we know the strength and importance of building connections in recovery – even if it is recovery from the challenges of life. It was beautiful to experience the vulnerability, openness and willingness of our diverse group this past Saturday.

Thank you all for allowing us to be a part of the experience - our hearts are full. And thank you to our guest teacher, Joel Myers for leading us through a beautiful sound bath meditation. Our next retreat will be on Saturday, November 19th - you are all welcome.

With Love,

The Way

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