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By Letting It Go, It All Gets Done

I am feeling called to share a recent experience, where a colleague had called my mom in search of a client to purchase a specific property . My mom responded, “I don’t have anyone in mind, but let’s manifest one!” The call ended there and soon my mom received a text from a client (one she hadn’t been in contact with recently) and they were interested in the property she had just been discussing. Instantly, we both had goosebumps and stared at each other in disbelief. We looked back to her phone and it had been less than two minutes between the end of the call and the text from the client. There was no forceful energy in order to create this particular outcome, it was just a thought in the present moment.


Was this manifestation? Was it a synchronicity? Does it matter what it was? 


Truly, what I was reminded of in that moment is the interconnectedness and Oneness of our experiences (subjective reality). And that once we have the belief and understanding of this Oneness, these divine moments of our acts unfolding through interconnectedness, happen more often. It is through by stripping away our ego (expectations, fear, worry or anxiety) that we then get to experience this interconnectedness that has always been there. It is as if our ego is a veil that obscures us from seeing “what is” and always has been.


The book of Tao says, “By letting it go, it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is the beyond the winning.” 


As Ram Dass explains, “The right way to make a cup of tea is to start by bringing together everything you need to make the tea, including the knowledge of how to do it. And then you make the tea. While you’re making the tea, you’re just making the tea - nothing else. You’re not worrying about how the tea will turn out, and you’re not wondering whether you’re good enough to make the tea correctly, and you’re not thinking about whether you should serve it with honey. You’re just right there, making the tea - being present with every step, and acting out of total harmony of each moment. 


The more purely we flow into our daily circumstances, the more our acts are just happening. There’s no struggle. There’s no anxiety, because we don’t care how the act turns out. There’s no self-consciousness, because there’s no actor involved. “He who sees the inaction that is in action, and the action that is in action, is wise indeed. Even when he is engaged in action, he remains poised in the tranquility of the atman.” - Paths to God, Ram Dass

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