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The Wounded Warrior and The Healer

Different archetypical energies flow through all of us creating different archetypical experiences. My path has began as a "wounded warrior" and transformed into a "healer". My wounds were self-inflicted; they involved self-abandonment, self-destruction and self-betrayal and took me to a place where I was completely broken and hopeless.

It took me going to the place to finally surrender. When I surrendered, for the first time in my life, what showed up I can’t explain, but I was saved by a power greater than myself. I was filled with courage, the energy to commit and an absolute undeniable knowing that I was exactly where I was meant to be to fulfill my Purpose.

I understood, no I KNEW, I was meant to heal myself so I could dedicate my life to healing others. This meant a complete shift away from everything I had worked towards in my vocation.

I healed myself using tools and methods that seemed to enter my life at exactly the right time. I then set about to learn how to heal others through workshops, certifications, books, teachers and even going back to university to get a graduate degree.

What I have come to understand is that this learned knowledge on healing, although very helpful, is not the primary mechanism that is activating the healing in the people I work with.

What heals transcends knowledge. What heals is presence. What heals is quantum. What heals is unconditional love for everyone.

When I sit with someone who is struggling all I need to do is tell them, with complete honesty how dark my life had become and then they observe how bright I shine now. As we continue together, a power greater than myself does the rest.

It is simply the story of experience, strength, and hope. It the gift possibility. It is the modelling of transformation. If I can transform this pain with only Faith, then so can they. The mind and body then accepts the possibility and lets Spirit go to work without resistance. It doesn’t matter how I did it, it’s just that I did it. It is the most beautiful gift in the world to give and when I give it, I get much more back.

If you have a story of experience, strength, and hope then you are a healer too. When we honestly tell our stories we heal, often without even knowing it, because we are all ONE. When we heal ourselves we are healing everyone.

You are so much more than you know.

Love, Forgiveness and Service

The Way

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