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The Door to Love

There is a door to love’s presence. Having an open mind and an open heart opens the door to love. But this door also closes, and when it closes, it is calling you to open it again because that is the process required to deepen our love. When it closes, we need to be patient, forgiving and courageous if we want the door to open again. To truly live from a place of unconditional love, we must not only feel love's presence, but its absence, because love’s absence is the teacher. We must be courageous and embrace these moments.

When the door of love closes on us, we feel separation, distancing, and judgment from others. The unconscious, and immediate response, is often to blame, point fingers and make other people the enemy. The shutting of the door can make us feel the victim. But these experiences are the lessons that are divinely given to us to soften our hearts and open our minds and allow us to experience love in the most profound way. These lessons can take the form of painful trauma driven events that can take years to complete. They can also be small transgressions, or agitations, that quickly pass. But regardless of the complexity of the lesson, it is there to provide you the opportunity to move away from your fixed perceptions and justifications and see the world through the eyes of not just your own pain, but the pain of others. These are opportunities to move from control to acceptance, and from judgment to empathy. They are opportunities to cultivate love and acceptance for yourself.

All healing is self-healing. The healing journey is an inward journey and requires you to find time alone to go inside. You must find that time, because this is the time and place of genuine transformation that opens the door.

When alone, and in your quiet place, remind yourself that what you are feeling belongs only to you. No one else is responsible for what you are feeling. Let go of any attachment to this idea that others are responsible for the separation you feel inside of you. Then feel the feelings, and ask “what are they trying to show you?” What fear, limiting belief, self-judgment or place of shame or guilt has been activated. Use it as an opportunity to shine a light on these wounded parts of you. Then take it as an opportunity to learn to love and accept all the aspects of yourself, including the parts that feel broken. Because it is impossible to fully love other people until you fully love yourself. The absence of love will lead you to the presence of love. This is dark to light.

This is the bedrock of all spiritual practices.

This is The Way.

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