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Recovery Retreat

The Way just hosted its first “recovery” retreat this past weekend and we wanted to share more about the experience.

Maintaining our “spiritual condition” is an integral part of many recovery programs. The theme of the retreat was “Connecting With our Higher Power or Higher Self”

For many, addiction is a spiritual disease that requires a spiritual solution. The spiritual malady is a perceived lack of wholeness that comes about through existential separateness from the Higher Self. Once reconnected with the Higher Self, the addict must maintain that spiritual condition as a method to maintain sobriety. But how do we do that?

The retreat content focused on the exploration and experience of technologies that allow us to connect with our higher power or higher self. We discussed the purpose of meditation, the technology of kundalini yoga, and how kundalini yoga relates to 12-step technology. We also delved deeper into our own consciousness through a self-discovery process.

We all left our egos at the door and we were able to be vulnerable, honest, open, willing and of course have some fun too! I am always amazed by the love and acceptance in this community.

With Love,

The Way

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